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Luciano Sicilia

Luciano Sicilia


Project Management Officer for the Solutions, Systems, Services Business Unit

Computer engineer, he began his career with an internship experience in France.

With ten years of experience in Public Administration and Healthcare, in his career he has served as Technical Manager and Project Manager in the private sector, managing projects of high complexity.

He also held the role of Sales Area Manager in the health sector, being in charge of the development and management of the Public Administration customer portfolio for the areas of Sicily and Sardinia.

He was responsible for relations with Key Opinion Leaders, conducting sales negotiations, managing the sales process through tenders, and coordinating agencies in the territory.

He has extensive experience in presenting products to customers, and participating in national and international events and conferences.

Luciano joined the EHT team in 2022, with the role of Project Management Officer for the Solutions, Systems, Services Business Unit.

He is currently in charge of coordinating the technical production team, actively contributing to the management of orders and contracts.

He is also responsible for defining project management strategies and policies, contributes to the implementation of business processes for internal and external management of contracts, and monitors the performance of project managers.