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Fabio Saitta

Fabio Saitta


Technical Project Manager

Professional Summary: After my degree in industrial engineering, I joined the EHT family by becoming Technical Project Manager within the R&D BU. I am passionate about the innovative use of technology to improve people's lives. My main activity focuses on the effective management of two key projects that encapsulate my mission to promote innovation and human well-being.

Current Projects:
1.TESI: My role in this project is to coordinate all activities from research to planning to execution. I work closely with a multidisciplinary team to develop innovative evidence-based solutions aimed at improving the lives of people with autism. My goal is to ensure that the project is delivered efficiently and successfully, addressing ongoing challenges and maintaining a patient-centered vision and all those around the patient's life.
2.PRECUBE: As part of the Precube project, my job is to lead the overall strategy and planning. This project was given to me in the terminal phase and I am currently in charge of coordinating the drafting of deliverables, the testing of the application, and the dissemination of achievements.
Key Competencies:
- Management of Complex Projects;
- Planning and Coordination;
- Effective leadership;
- Multidisciplinary Collaboration;
- communication and Resource Management.

Professional Goal: My professional goal is to continue to contribute to scientific advancement and business success through cutting-edge project management. I am motivated by the opportunity to improve the quality of people's lives through technological innovation and effective project leadership. Therefore, I consider the R&D BU to be the most noble and important component to develop for our entire ecosystem.





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