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Arianna Pistorio

Arianna Pistorio


TP in R&D, I

She has a degree in Management Engineering with section A qualification as an industrial engineer.

After finishing her studies, she started the working adventure in the EHT consortium in June 2021. A year later, she
became part of the R&D team, in which, initially she is cross functionally involved on projects, on the research and
production processes supporting them; since the initiatives span several areas (health, smart cities & agriculture, digital
transformation, etc.), this job has enabled her to gain key technical knowledge in the IT sector. At the same time, the
study of the project information at the level of type of activity, funds breakdown by type of expenditure and period, and
the necessary documentation to be produced was formative for the figure she intends to fill next. Crossing business
needs and the desire to pursue a career path that would see her involved in the fantastic world of budgeting , she started
in planning and management control of current projects. Thanks to this role , which she still holds, she has been able to
develop personal skills, which are indispensable in the perspective of professional growth.

More specifically, in this process she’s in charge of
• manage the acquisition and management of resources operating in the group factories that will take part in the
work on R&D , I projects;
• strategically plan the allocation of the endowed budget with respect to the constraints indicated by project for
the different types of expenditures;
• ensuring that planning is maintained in terms of time and resources available and in line with industrial
• creating reports in dashboard form of the outputs planning and management control activities based on the
needs that arise from time to time