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Francesco Blancato

Francesco Blancato


Technical Project Manager R&D, Innovation

After his education turned his passion for innovation and technology into work leading him to focus on information technology, where he honed his skills and gained extensive experience in the digital sector.

As a result of his experiences and skills, Francesco landed a role as Technical Project Manager within EHT's R&D Business Unit. Here, he is responsible for managing and coordinating project activities for the SAMOTHRACE ecosystem, collaborating with international teams and leading spoke 7 and spoke 8 projects.

His key skills, including problem-solving, time management, leadership and team management, are instrumental in ensuring the success of the projects. His ability to solve complex problems, combined with effective time management, ensures smooth and timely project progression. His leadership inspires the team, promoting synergistic collaboration and extraordinary results.

His goal is clear: to shape the future of digital in Italy together with EHT. He proposes a human side-by-side data-driven approach, putting people at the center and anticipating future challenges. His mission is to drive technological change, helping to create a productive and cohesive work environment.