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Ilenia Bivona

Ilenia Bivona


Administrative in Administration and Finance

Ilenia Bivona, graduated with a master's degree in Economics and Business Management with top marks from the University of Enna "Kore" in 2019.

During her university studies she undertook training internships with a public administration and a chartered accountant. These will be launching pads for her career path and in fact in 2021 she will join EHT S.c.p.A. she covers the Administrative role within the Administration and Finance team.

Ilenia was immediately aware of the expansion of the EHT S.c.p.A. consortium. working fully on three consecutive share capital increases, providing support in coordinating the team's activities with reference to the different accounting processes, dealing with the production of cash flow with constant monitoring of financial flows and finally providing collaboration and support in the management of administrative activities.





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