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Università degli Studi di Messina

The Technology Transfer Office (TTO) is the technology transfer service center of the University of Messina which carries out the dissemination and valorisation of the results of applied research and promotes the connection between universities and companies, working in a network with the actors of the research and innovation system. The TTO has organized its activities in the offices: "Enterprise Creation", "Protection of intellectual property", "Design support and funding attraction" and addresses the research system and the entrepreneurial system for the diffusion of innovation.

The TTO offers the researcher information, advice and assistance for the protection of intellectual property; transfer and commercialization of patent rights and industrial licensing agreements; creation of spin-off companies and promotes the University's planning on technology transfer issues. The sector also offers itself to companies that think of innovating to maintain competitiveness and plan quality development, offering information, advice and assistance to access the research offer of the University of Messina; identify the research groups to contact for specific needs and with whom to collaborate in joint research projects; obtain an analysis of one's own innovation needs; promote economic development projects; promote partnerships in the training of young researchers; create new businesses generated by scientific research; access analyzes and studies for investments in the strait area, in Sicily and in the Mediterranean basin.

The Office makes available to anyone who requests it at the address tto@unime.it the complete database of patents and spinoffs of the University of Messina.