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Università degli Studi della Campania
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Università degli Studi della Campania "Luigi Vanvitelli’’

The University of Campania “Luigi Vanvitelli”, formerly Second University of Naples, with its 16 departments located in 5 territorial areas between Naples and Caserta, promotes a vocational training offer integrated with the territory, supports quality research, and promotes the creation of business initiatives from research groups, in a constant perspective of internationalization and cultural exchange with other universities.

The University was established in 1991 and began its activity on November 1st 1992. Currently there are nearly 24 thousand students and 16 Departments located in 5 territorial areas:

Aversa with the Departments of Engineering, Architecture and Industrial Design;

Caserta with the Departments of Mathematics and Physics (witch also belongs to the School of Polytechnics and of the Basic Sciences), Psychology, Political Science, Environmental, Biological and Pharmaceutical Sciences and Technologies;

Santa Maria Capua Vetere with the Departments of Law Humanities and Cultural Heritage;

Capua with the Department of Economics;

Naples with the School of Medical Sciences and the Departments of Precision Medicine, General and Specialised Surgery for Women and Children, Experimental Medicine, Multidisciplinary Department of Medicine for Surgery and Orthodontics, Mental, Physical Health and Preventive Medicine, Cardiothoracic and Respiratory Sciences, Medical, Surgical, Neurologic, Metabolic and Aging Sciences.

Famous monumental historical complexes restored to their former glory, are now home to the University’s School and Departments. Many of these buildings were once monasteries, convents, abbeys with cloisters from the eighteenth-nineteenth century.

In these years, the University has significantly dedicated its efforts and resources to maintaining and developing student services to promote their training and their "life" within the University facilities through an intensive orientation policy. A job placement centre provides students with career options assessment as well as continuous support.