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PROPLAST – Consorzio per la Pomozione della Cultura Plastica
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PROPLAST – Consorzio per la Pomozione della Cultura Plastica

Founded as a company specialising in personnel training, following the evolution of the market, it has undertaken new paths of growth in favour of the industrial sector.

Among its main strengths: a strong portfolio of prestigious partnerships divided between customers, partners, clusters, polymer and machinery manufacturers, processors, industry associations, universities and training organisations.
Proplast's competitive advantage lies in its business model, which integrates all stages of the value chain and the best skills. Vertical integration in the design area for the production of complete products has been progressively complemented by pre-series production, rapid moulds and the recent introduction of 3D printing for the formulation of specific materials.

From engineering to research via testing, we have control over the entire process. The cycle of control and management of all phases allows us to guarantee maximum expertise and know-how, to identify synergies and operating methods for the optimisation of services, quality and competitiveness.

The international expansion plan, which began in the last decade, has the task of transforming Proplast into a global competence centre.