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BitControl was born from the spin off of a working group belonging to a company that had been operating since the 90s in the hydraulic systems automation sector; was founded in 2010 with a strong propensity for the water sector as it includes hydraulic engineers as well as IT specialists.

Over the years it has also developed its activities in other sectors such as Oil & Gas, operating above all abroad with leading international companies such as Petronas, Total and ENI. Since 2014, thanks to the close partnership with Schneider Electric (SE), a further specialization path has begun which reaches the peak of success in 2018 with the awarding of the Global Telemetry Alliance Partner of the Year Award for its absolutely distinctive competence in offers. of Telemetry, for the skills and knowledge deployed in the implementation of various applications for the water sector and in numerous telemetry projects carried out in 2017.


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